Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

The Autumn Festival held in Mozuhachi-mangu Shrine has more than 300 years of history. Watch the power and the elegance of the Futon daiko (drum cart) as big as 4 meters, weighing as much as 3 tons move in the shrine site. 150 thousand people gather to watch the festival."Encourage the people! And power to the district!" This is the festival motto. The festival is a singing and dancing event where you will hear local and traditional songs. All people, including travelers from abroad, can join in.Sakai CityIzumisano CityTsukimi Festival (Futon Daiko)The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival attracts 600 thousand people to three days of events. The festival has 300 years of history. As many as 81 danjiris (carts) are towed around Kishiwada city to pray for the productiveness of grain.※Danjiri festivals are also held in Sakai, Takaishi, Izumi, Izumiotsu, Tadaoka, Kaizuka, Kumatori Town, Izumisano, and Tajiri Town.KishiwadaDanjiri FestivalKishiwada CitySenshu YosakoiE-Janaika Festival※The Futon Daiko Festival is also held in Izumisano.※Yagura festivals are also held in Izumisano, Sennan, Misaki Town, and Tajiri Town.Held on the Sunday of the previous week of the Autumn Festival. 20 yagura (festival carts) from all over Hannan City gather around the city ofce and parade. Feel the awe and elegance of the group of yaguras.South AREASouth AREAMid AREANorth AREAMid AREAMid Mid Oct.Early Mid Oct.MidJul.EarlyOct.3rd Sat. and Sun. of Oct.Yagura paradeHannan CityA summer festival with about 270 years history is held around Kanda-jinja Shrine. 7 elegant drum carts (taiko-dai) where two drummers ride, are carried through the city. Detailed sculpture and ornaments are brilliant to watch.Kaizuka CityTaiko-dai FestivalFestival GuideTraditional events and festivals held in Senshu are introduced here. Watch and experience the elegance and energy that the people in Senshu have handed down from generation to generation.Traditional Events!5