Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

P17~18P13~14P21~22P25~26P29~30Kansai International AirportKansai International AirportThe beautiful seashore that inspired many poets in ancient times now grabs our attention as a work of art with the sights of an industrial area.Takaishi CityNorth AREAThe smallest city in Japan. Visit the famous Masaki Art Museum with many examples of Asian antique art exhibited, and the famous Minato Market held at Tadaoka Harbor.Tadaoka TownNorth AREAEvents and sightseeing spots including Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, one of the foremost festivals in Japan, and streets that have historic atmosphere, a castle town reminding us of old times here in Kishiwada.Kishiwada CityMid AREAInternational city that has Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun, and is famous as the home of Chanoyu (tea ceremony). This is one of the foremost manufacturing communities.Sakai CityNorth AREAKumatori TownSouth AREAThe brick building was a cotton cloth factory that was built about 100 years ago. This building is called "RENGAKAN". "The Naka family residence" has thatch roof and large earthen oor. It is Important Cultural Property. There are six hiking courses in Natural Park. There are a lot of places to visit in this town!Kaizuka CityMid AREAFrom the beach to the hiking course, there are many spots where you can enjoy the natural environment. Don't forget to visit Mizuma-dera temple and Gansen-ji temple.Izumiotsu CityNorth AREAThe rst blanket in Japan was produced in Izumiotsu. Producing blankets and knit goods has a supporting role in the city economy. Why don't you come to a knitting class or take a knitting factory tour?Izumi CityNorth AREAIkegami-Sone Site is the vestiges of a colony that dates back to the Yayoi period, and precious cultural assets, such as earthenware and stone tools, were discovered and excavated in this city.Download COCOAR from the App Store or Google play. The application is free.1Run the application and hold the camera to the picture.2With the original application installed, hold the smartphone facing the picture. Movies or pictures will be displayed.※Read the download page to see which devices are supported. 2