Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

Pichi Pichi Beach and Tokimeki Beach are places you can enjoy digging for seashells and swimming, and you can also watch sea-reies. These rare creatures gently shine in the dark sea. There are other attractive and beautiful beaches in southern Senshu, including Tarui Southern Beach and Marble Beach.They belong to the crustacean family, which includes shrimp and crabs, and give out a luminescent substance from the body. The substance reacts to oxygen and emits a pale light. The sea-reies become active when the water temperature is high.P29 B-3MAPPichi Pichi BeachP29 B-3MAPTokimeki BeachWhat is a sea-rey?P25 B-3MAPMarble BeachP30 C-1MAPTarui Southern BeachPhoto: Marine Fisheries Reseach CenterTannowa, Misaki Town, Sennan-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:072-492-2749(Misaki Town Industry Promotion Division)ContactFeeOpenFree to watch (late Mar. to Early May)ClosedTannowa Park(Atagoyama Park)Little-known to outsiders but popular viewing spots for cherry and azalea blossoms. In spring 800 cherry trees bloom, followed by 50,000 blooming azaleas. The Tsutsuji Matsuri (Azalea Festival) is every year on April 29.P29 B-3MAPYamanakadani, Hannan, OsakaAddressPhone:072-471-5678(Hannan Citizen's Department, Commerce, Industry, Tourism Division)ContactFeeOpenFree to watch (Late Mar. to Mid Apr.)ClosedCherry trees of Yamanakadani1,000 or so cherry trees bloom along the Yamanaka River in spring, covering the area in a pale pink glow. The trees are lit at night, making the scene very romantic. Cherry blossoms are at their best from late March to mid April.P30 D-3MAPThis is a shing park. The Kansai International Airport used these shipping piers during its second airport reclamation. The view from the free-of-charge viewing deck is spectacular. As there are also roofed spaces, everyone can enjoy shing without being in the bright sunlight.455-1 Tanagawakojima, Misaki Town, Sennan-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:072-447-5126ContactAdult: 1,200 yen, Student (Age 6-15): 600 yenFee6:00 - 20:00 (7:00 - 18:00 between Dec. and Feb.)OpenFri., Year-end and New Year holidaysClosedMisaki Town Fishing Park - Totto Park KoshimaBeaches in Southern SenshuP29 Western Misaki Town MapMAPTarui Southern Beach, Pichi Pichi Beach, Tokimeki Beach, and Marble Beach3346 Hakotsukuri, Hannan, OsakaAddress6234 Tannowa, Misaki Town, Sennan-gun, OsakaAddressRinkuminamihama, Sennan, OsakaAddressRinkuoraikita, Izumisano, Osaka - Tajiri TownRinku-port-kita - Rinkuminamihama, SennanAddressAttractive beaches situated on the opposite of Kansai International Airport.Aug. - Oct. ※Varies according to weather and water temperature. 28