Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

奥水間温泉かいづか温泉リゾートほの字の里 P26 D-3MAPFreeFee9:00 - 17:00 OpenApr. to Oct.: Tue. (normally)Nov. to Mar.: Tue. and Wed. (normally)ClosedTajiri Harbor Sunday MarketEvery Sunday morning, fresh sh, fresh vegetables, and daily necessities are sold at the market. You can also sh and barbecue.1 Rinku-port-kita Tajiri Town, Sennan-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:072-465-0099 (Tajiri Fishermen's Cooperative Association)ContactFreeFee7:00 - 12:00OpenMon. to Sat.ClosedP25 B-3MAPIzumisano Fishermen's Cooperative Association open-air marketOn the day of an auction, you can buy seafood such as squilla (shrimp), blue crab, athead, and conger eel, fresh from Sano Port. There are sushi bars in the market.P26 C-2MAP2-5187-101 Shinmachi, Izumisano, OsakaAddressPhone:072-469-2340 (Open-air Market Ofce)ContactFreeFee10:00 - 18:00OpenWed.ClosedThe agricultural-product outlet of JA Osaka Senshu. You can buy fresh vegetables and agricultural products. Mizunasu (water eggplant) is a favorite in summer and fall.3-1 Shofudai, Izumisano, OsakaAddressPhone:072-458-0070ContactFreeFee10:00 - 18:00OpenThu.ClosedRizuMie KootariinaP26 C-3MAPNagaike Oasis ParkThis park is united with a reservoir. And you can watch various wild birds and owers.This park has been singled out in “Osaka, The Museum Concept” and “The 100 best reservoirs in Japan”. The lotus is very famous. When the lotus blooms, "Lotus Festival" is held. And you can taste Hasu-cha (lotus tea) and Mi-Zenzai (sweet lotus bean soup).3 Nagaike, Kumatori Town, Sennan-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:072-452-6403(Mizu-to-midori Division in Kumatori Town Ofce)ContactOpenA walk is possible anytime.ClosedIzumisano Kanku MarinaThe marina is situated at an ideal location on the opposite side of Kansai International Airport, and you can enjoy various marine sports. The airplane passing over you while you are cruising is quite overwhelming. You can enjoy dinner at the Italian restaurant in the facility.6 Rinkuoraikita, Izumisano, OsakaAddressPhone:072-463-0112ContactOkuyama Ameyama Natural ParkKumatori Town is proud of this park, Forest Park. The area around Eiraku Dam is a place famous for its cherry blossoms. There are as many as 1000 cherry trees. During “Sakura Matsuri” (Cherry Blossom Festival), you will be enchanted by the cherry petals lighted up by the Japanese lantern. And there are six hiking courses in the site as large as about 130 hectares.2921 Kubo, Kumatori Town, Sennan-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:072-452-6404 (Mizu-to-midori Division in Kumatori Town Ofce)ContactP26 D-4MAPP26 C-2MAPFreeFeeOpenA walk is possible anytime.ClosedFreeFee24