Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

ダミーダミーAs followers spread all over Osaka, Mizuma Railways was constructed for them to visit. The three-storied pagoda is the oldest in Osaka, and is very famous. The Aizen-myo'oh (Ragaraja) is the god of love and, if your prayers are answered, you nd fulllment in love.Mizuma-dera Temple638 Mizuma, Kaizuka, OsakaAddressPhone:072-446-1355ContactFeeOpenFree to visitClosedP21 B-3MAPThe temple for worshipping the enshrined god who dispels misfortune.This is the venerable temple which used to be the head temple of Jodo Shinshu in the late 16th century. This temple is registered as one of the national important cultural properties. The town around the temple has an atmosphere that reminds us of the prosperity of old times.Gansen-ji Temple846 Naka, Kaizuka, OsakaAddressPhone:072-422-1302ContactFeeOpenFree to visitClosedP21 A-2MAPThis is the museum where you can learn everything about danjiri. Through the exhibition of related items, large multi-vision monitor, and 3D systems, you can experience Kishiwada Danjiri Festival any time during the year.Kishiwada Danjiri Hall11-23 Honmachi, Kishiwada, OsakaAddressPhone:072-436-0914ContactAdult: 600 yen, Student (Age 6-15): 300 yenFee10:00 - 17:00 (Entrance closes at16:00)OpenMon., Year-end and New Year holidaysClosedP21 B-1MAPLarge Japanese garden with a path around a pond, which is constructed on the remains of the tea stall of Kishiwada castle. On this site, which is 8,300 square meters wide, there are three tea rooms that overlook the main house and garden. You can enjoy Japanese-style food and a garden walk.Ganko Kishiwada Gofuso18-1 Kishiki-cho, Kishiwada, OsakaAddressPhone:072-438-1162ContactFree to visit (Food and beverages are available)Fee11:00 - 22:00OpenOpen everydayClosedP21 B-1MAPSightseeing SpotsKishiwada CityKaizuka CityGourmetShoppingSightseeingLeisureEventSenshu MidArea19