Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

OsakaAutumn in Senshu is the high season for some of Japan's most notable festivals and events. With Kishiwada Danjiri's nationwide festival reputation, danjiri, futon-daiko and yagura are musts. Experience energetic and elegant local festivals.Thanks to rich soil and water, Senshu is abundant with fresh vegetables and seafood. Conger eel, blue crab and mizunasu(water eggplant) are famous and very popular.Senshu has a number of historic relics, temples and shrines, and some of Japan's important cultural heritages including Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun, which is one of the three major graves in the world, and Kishiwada castle.Do you knowSenshu is a wide area which consists of 13 cities and towns in southern Osaka. Direct access from Kansai International Airport , food produced in great nature and varieties of histric and cultural resources are advantages.1 Senshu-kuko-kita, Izumisano, OsakaAddressPhone:072-455-2500ContactFreeFee24H (Varies among facilities and shops)OpenOpen everydayClosedP25 A-2MAPKansai International AirportSenshuClose to Kansai International AirportClose to Kansai International AirportFresh Vegetables and SeafoodHistoric and Cultural heritagesCool Festivals!South AREAみさきちょうFamous for Senshu onions and mizunasu (pickled eggplant). Marble Beach is popular for its view of Kansai International Airport and its articial beach pebbled with white marble.Tajiri TownWith Kumano-kaido (Kumano pass) and Kishu-kaido, Soseki-zan and Gin-no-mine are good hiking spots. Enjoy the cherry blossoms in Yamanakadani in spring, swimming at Pichi-Pichi Beach in summer and fresh seafood and vegetables year round.Hannan CityIzumisano CitySouth AREAKansai International Airport is one of the few offshore airports in the world,which is located on the articial island off Senshu.The town with Kansai International Airport. You can visit many sightseeing spots including Rinku Town, mountains, sea, spas, streets with a historic-feel, temples and shrines.South AREASouth AREAMisaki TownSouth AREAHas leisure spots, such as an amusement park and a beautiful beach. Have fun enjoying seasonal attractions that include digging for seashells, swimming and hiking.Sennan CitySouth AREAVisit the beach that overlooks Kansai International Airport and enjoy the natural environment of Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-National Park. There are also many blossom viewing spots with plums, cherry trees, wisteria, and roses.1