Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

26堺IC 取石菱木太平寺平井堺JCT綾園堺泉北有料道阪和道阪和道泉北高速鉄道和泉中央光明池信太山北信太高石栂・美木多富木和泉市高石市南区中区西区堺市近畿大学堺病院エコール・いずみコムボックス光明池イオン光明池店エコール・いずみコムボックス光明池イオン光明池店CAFÉ MANOCAFÉ MANO▲Jacquard loom for blankets from the Taisho EraIzumiotsu Parking Area for Hanshin Expressway Wangan North-bound Route is connected to the 2nd and 3rd oors of the building. The Panorama Room on the 11th oor offers a spectacular view. An air passage covered with reinforced plastic connects to the South-bound Route.Kirara Center Building(Panorama Room on the 11th oor)P17 A-1MAP6-1 Nagisa-cho, Izumiotsu, OsakaAddressPhone:06-6576-1484 (Hanshin Expressway)ContactFreeFee6:00 - 22:00OpenOpen everydayClosedOriamu-kan (Knitting and Textile Museum)Texpia Osaka 22-45 Asahi-cho, Izumiotsu, OsakaAddressPhone:0725-31-4455ContactFree to enter. ※Fee for lessons, which require reservations.Fee10:00 - 17:00 (Entrance closes at 16:30)OpenWed., Year-end and New YearClosedThis is an ori (knitting) and amu (textile) museum. Items related to textile and folklore are collected, stored and exhibited. You can take a lesson and wander through the gallery.Ori (knitting) and Amu (textile) MuseumWatch an important cultural property (duplicate item), and join lessons.The Masaki Art Museum where approximately 1,200 Asian art articles that the founder, Takayuki Masaki, collected for years are exhibited. You can see pictures, calligraphy, teaware, Buddha statues, and handicrafts.Public Utility Foundation CorporationMasaki Art MuseumHeld on Sunday at Tadaoka Harbor. You can buy fresh seafood to take home with you, or you can eat onsite. There are also ea market booths.Tadaoka Minato Market1-8-11 Niihama, Tadaoka Town, Senboku-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:0725-32-0459(Tadaoka Town Fishermen's Cooperative Association) ContactFreeFee4th Sun.OpenP17 A-1MAP2-9-26 Tadaokanaka, Tadaoka Town, Senboku-gun, OsakaAddressPhone:0725-21-6000ContactFeeOpenVaries on exhibitionClosedP17 A-1MAPP17 B-1MAP16