Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

48026助松JCT泉大津PA泉大津岸和田北助松阪神高速4号湾岸線阪和線南海本線JR Hanwa LineNankai Line下松久米田Izumifuchu蛸地蔵岸和田和泉大宮春木忠岡松ノ浜北助松IzumiotsuIzumiotsu CityTadaoka TownIzumiotsu City Hospital岸和田市民病院和泉市立病院Aeon IzumifuchuAeon IzumifuchuIzumiya IzumifuchuShopping CenterIzumiya IzumifuchuShopping CenterIZUMIOTSU CITYIZUMIOTSU CITYきららセンタービル忠岡みなとマーケット公益財団法人正木美術館きららセンタービルFiber factories(Fukaki Woolen Textile Co., LTD.)Fiber factories(Fukaki Woolen Textile Co., LTD.)Fiber factories(Fukaki Woolen Textile Co., LTD.)商工カーニバルwithきゃらフェスタ商工カーニバルwithきゃらフェスタきらら・りぞーとホテルサンルート関空きらら・りぞーとホテルサンルート関空忠岡みなとマーケット公益財団法人正木美術館1:60,000This art museum has a collection of 11,000 works of arts including ukiyoe prints and Western ne arts, but the focus is antique art objects of Japan and China. The Japanese garden and tea room are very popular.Kuboso Memorial Museum of Arts, IzumiIkegamisone Historic Park is the ruins of as many as 600 thousand square meters. The belief is that these ruins are the moated colony from the Yayoi period around 500 B.C.Ikegamisone Historic ParkExperience the culture of the Yayoi period from more than 2000 years agoP17 B-1MAP213-1, Ikegami-cho, Izumi, OsakaAddressPhone:0725-45-5544ContactFreeFee10:00 - 17:00(Closes at 16:00 between Oct. to Apr.)OpenMon., Day after a holiday, Year-end and New YearClosedP18 C-3MAPThis event has been held on the 2nd Sunday of November since 1979. Companies and groups in the town sell their products at reasonable prices.3-6-12 Uchida-cho, Izumi, OsakaAddressPhone:0725-54-0001ContactAdult: 500 yen, Student (Age 15-22): 300 yenFee10:00 - 17:00OpenMon. (Tue. if Mon. is holiday.), Year-end, New Year, and other designated periodsClosedThis is a manufacturer of rst-rate woolen goods established in 1887. Through the factory tour, you can learn the manufacturing process of textiles. There is also a shop in the factory.Fiber factory (Fukaki Woolen Textile Co., Ltd.)3-7-1 Itahara-cho, Izumiotsu, OsakaAddressPhone:0725-22-1155ContactFree. ※Needs reservations for groups of ve or moreFee10:00 - 16:30OpenSat., Sun., holidaysClosedP17 B-2MAPTadaoka Town Carnival & Character Festa1-34-27 Tadaoka-Higashi, Tadaoka Town, Senboku-gun, OsakaTadaoka-chomin GroundAddressPhone:0725-33-3208 (Tadaoka Town Chamber of Commerce Ofce)ContactFreeFee2nd Sun. of NovemberOpenP17 A-2MAPSightseeing SpotsIzumiotsu CityTadaoka TownIzumi CityGourmetShoppingSightseeingLeisureEventSenshu NorthArea15