Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

2631031030930931026助松JCTOhama三宅三宅西住之江SamboTakaishiHamaderaIshizuDejima堺JCT美原南IC美原JCT松原JCT美原北IC松原IC長原IC美原東ICSakaiIC阪神高速15号堺線阪和道阪和道南阪奈道阪4 Wangan line阪和線阪和線南海高野線泉北高速鉄道南海高野線阪堺電軌阪堺線地下鉄御堂筋線JR Hanwa LineNankai Line高石綾ノ町大和川浅香山堺東三国ケ丘百舌鳥八幡なかもず堺市浅香北花田新金岡中百舌鳥白鷺初芝萩原天神北野田深井Otori富木高師浜伽羅橋HigashihagoromoIshizugawaSuwa-no-MoriHamadera Eki-maeHamaderaKoenTakaishi City中区Sakai CityNishi-kuSakai-ku東区美原区北区浅香山病院堺タカシマヤベルマージュ堺イオンモール堺北花田レインボープラザ金岡イズミヤ百舌鳥ショッピングセンターベルヒル北野田アリオ鳳アプラたかいしフレスポしんかな堺タカシマヤベルマージュ堺イオンモール堺北花田レインボープラザ金岡イズミヤ百舌鳥ショッピングセンターベルヒル北野田アリオ鳳アプラたかいしフレスポしんかなカステラ(銀装)ホテルスレージ堺市役所21階展望ロビーダイワロイネットホテル堺東カステラ(銀装)ホテルスレージ山口家住宅山口家住宅堺市役所21階展望ロビーダイワロイネットホテル堺東1:165,000Sharp GreenFront SakaiOil Refinery ofCosmo Oil Co.,Ltd.Tonen GeneralSekiyu Sakai factoryAround ChikkouHamadera Nishimachi,Nishi-ku, SakaiOsaka InternationalRefining Company, Limited.Watching spotsA seaside industrial zone lit up at night has an atmosphere of profound structural beauty. Recently, industrial zone scenes have been recognized as art, and a photo book depicting that art has been published.Industrial area lit up at night: The beauty of the profound structure is like modern art.Industrial area(Night scene)Sakai City Hall Lookout Lobby on the 21st FloorThis is a boat race; each team has a drummer, a helmsman and 20 oarsmen. Watch the heated race on the water!P13 A-3MAPDragonboatThe tram runs from south to north in downtown Sakai. The various types of trams that run today include the oldest tram in Japan and the latest low-oor tram.Street car (Hankai Tramway)Photo:Sankei Sports※You can watch the scene and take pictures outside the factory, but the factory site itself is closed to the public.Bay area of Sakai and Takaishi, OsakaPlaceFeeOpenFree to watch.ClosedP13 B-1MAPThis is a corridor that functions as a lobby and has 360 views from 80 meters above ground. The popular site with a panoramic view allows you to see rows of Sakai houses and Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun. You can also look down on Osaka Castle and Kansai International Airport, and experience the magical night view. There is also a cafe area where you can relax.3-1 Minamikawara-machi, Sakai-ku, Sakai, OsakaAddressPhone:072-233-1101ContactFreeFee9:00 - 21:00OpenOpen everydayClosedHagoromokoen-cho, Takaishi, Osaka (West Side)AddressPhone:072-264-1888(Takaishi Chamber of Commerce) ContactFree to watchFeeHeld in Mid Jun.OpenCity of Sakai, OsakaAddressPhone:06-6674-5146 (Hankai Tramway)Contact200 yen/rideFeeSee the time table.OpenRuns everydayClosed12