Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

CourseCourseHistoric Time TravelNankai Kansai Airport St.JR Yamanakadani St.JR Yamanakadani St.JR Shinodayama St.Marble BeachSee Page 28.Izumisano Kanku MarinaSee Page 24.Nankai Izumisano St.Nankai Izumisano St.Nankai Misaki Koen St.Nankai Misaki Koen St.Nankai Rinku Town St.Nankai Rinku Town St.Nankai Kansai Airport St.23CourseCourseSeaside and Dolphin ShowNankai Line (Airport Line) 6 mins.Nankai Line (Airport Line) 35 mins.JR Hanwa Line 40 mins.JR Shinodayama St.Nankai Hamadera Koen St.JR Ootori St.JR Hanwa Line 10 mins.Hankai Hamadera Eki-maeGet on Nankai bus at Nishi-kuyakusyo-mae→Get off at Hamadera Koen-Mae-Dori (Ishizu-gawa, Ootori Line 91) 10 mins.Ikegamisone Historic ParkSee Page 15.TramSee Page 12.JR Kansai Airport Line or Hanwa Line 30 mins.Change trains at Hineno.Nankai Line 15 mins.Nankai Line (Airport Line) 30 mins.Change trains at Izumisano.Enjoy a delicious lunch after your cruise♪Hankai Tennoji Eki-maeTravel down the center of the street and watch the town of Sakai!!Misaki ParkIkegamisone Yayoi Cultural WorkshopSee Page 7.What a beautifulsunset!!Nankai Namba St.See Page 6.GourmetShoppingSightseeingLeisureEventTown of YamanakadaniFeel amazed by the fun dolphin show!Feel the history in the streetsOsaka UnlimitedPassUnlimited Nankai Pass2,300 yen (Adult pass only)A discount benet is offered at various sightseeing spots.BonusRinku Premium Outlet Example: from Namba station※Express ticket is not included.Regular price 2,480 yen→Misaki Park WakuwakuTicket InformationCheck the information on your discount ticket, reduce your expenses, and enjoy your experiences here!!※Limited time offerAvailable atNamba, Shin-Imamiya, Sumiyoshi-taisha, Sakai, Hagoromo, Izumiotu, Kishiwada, Izumisano, Kansai International Airport, Sumiyoshi-Higashi, Sakai-Higashi, Kitanoda, and Kawachinagano stations.Available for Osaka municipal subway, New Tram, Osaka municipal busAvailable for Osaka area of Nankai railwayUnlimited 1 day pass available for Osaka city area private railwaysA coupon worth 1,000 yen that can be used at Rinku Premium OutletDiscount Train TicketsTicketTicket1,980 yen (Adult pass only)Example: from Namba station※Tickets with reserved express ticket (outbound ticket only) are also available.Regular price 3,840 yen→Discount Train TicketsEntrance ticket for Misaki ParkAttraction point (1,000 Mipo) coupon2,400 yen(Child: 1,600 yen)Approximately20% off the regularprice!Approximately37% off the regularprice!10