Know all! SENSHU Official Guidebook

123OsakaSenshuWakayamaNankaiKishiwada St.Kishiwada CastleSee Page 20.Ganko KishiwadaGofusoLunch timeNintoku-tenno-ryo KofunSee Page 11.NankaiNamba St.NankaiMikunigaoka St.JRMikunigaoka St.JRHigashi-Kishiwada St.NankaiTakojizou St.NankaiRinku Town St.STARTSavor Japanese dishes in a private room♪Feel overwhelmed bythe beautiful view from the castle tower!!Experiencedanjiri!!The tumulus is as long as 486 meters!!1Nankai Koya Line15 mins.JR Hanwa Line20 mins.Nankai Line (Airport Line) ※Change trains at Izumisano.20 mins.Get on Nankai bus at Higashi-Kishiwada↓Get off at Kishiwada Eki-mae(Katsuragi Line41~44・51・53)10 mins.See Page 19.Kishiwada Danjiri HallDanjiri shown on a huge screen is overwhelming!See Page 19.NankaiKansai Airport St.Nankai Line (Airport Line) 6 mins.NankaiRinku Town St.210 or so domestic and international brand shops are here.This outlet, which opened in November 2000, is one of the largest outlet centers in Japan. Enjoy walking and shopping on the street with the feel of the resort spots.Rinku Premium OutletP25 B-2MAPSenshu Specially SelectedCoursesModel3 tour courses you can enjoy yourselves: visit famous places and go shopping, among other activitiesBasic Course3-28 Rinkuorai-minami, Izimisano, Osaka AddressPhone:072-458-4600ContactFree to enterFee10:00 - 20:00Open3rd Thu. of Feb.Closed9